What happens when I apply for a job at Epwin?

Once you submit a job application, you probably wonder what happens. Discover the journey of a job application from its submission to the start of work at Epwin.

Who is involved in the Hiring Process?

There are several employees involved in the hiring process:

Recruitment Specialist – They review the CV and best fit for the role, refer the best candidates to Hiring Manager; interview candidates and makes tentative job offers based on the Hiring Manager’s selection, checks candidates’ references;

Hiring Manager – Understands the job responsibilities; reviews best candidates’ CV’s; interviews candidates and makes hiring decision.

Behind-the-Scenes: Journey of a Job Application

What happens when you submit your CV to Epwin, where does it go, who reviews it and what happens to it?

Stages of the Epwin recruitment process

What do I need to do next?

Visit our careers at www.epwin-careers.co.uk

  • You can search for roles by title, location that interests you.
  • Review the job description and consider you meet the requirement and have the necessary skills.
  • Make sure you have enough time to submit your C.V and any supporting documents.
  • Follow the instructions on the page and a system profile if you're a first-time applicant on the site, or login with your details if you have previously registered. If you're an existing user, update your details and documents where necessary.
  • Once you're satisfied, make sure your CV is updated and then submit it.

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If you need any assistance in submitting your online job application – please contact

Epwin HR Resourcing Team

Tel: 01952 283311
Email: recruitment.enquiries@epwin.co.uk
Website: www.epwin.co.uk